Public offer

Offer contract for consulting services

1. General provisions
1.1. This public contract (further "Offer" or "Contract") is a formal offer by the Owner of the site, later referred to as "Artist", to provide advice on the goods and services offered on the site, assistance in selecting the optimal type of goods or services, consultation on any issues related to the use of the site, individuals, then referred to as "User, " Customer, and jointly referred to as "Parties" according to the following terms and conditions.
1.2 In accordance with paragraph 2 of article 437 of the Russian Civil Code (the Russian General Committee), this document is a public offer and, if the following conditions are adopted, the person who carried out the Acceptance of this Offer becomes the Customer. According to h. 1 art. 438 RF Group Accept should be complete and unconditional.
1.3 The executor and the Customer provide reciprocal guarantees of their legal and capacity necessary for the conclusion and execution of this Agreement for the provision of consulting services.


2. Offer item
2.1. The subject of this Offer is the gratuitous provision of advice to the Customer by the Executive in accordance with the terms of this Offer by conducting telephone consultations or using e-mail to satisfy the Customer's interest in the goods and services presented on the website.


3. Terms of information service
3.1. The customer takes the acceptance of this Offer by sending their contact details using feedback forms posted on the site.
3.2. The Customer gives his consent, including the processing of his personal data as part of the name, email and/or phone number, to comply with the terms of this Contract.
3.3. The executor contacts the Customer using the contact information provided and consults for him on all the issues voiced by the Customer in the request or directly at the call.
3.4. If you wish to buy a product or service from the Customer, there is a separate contract between them.
3.5. The executor reserves the right to refuse the Customer's advice:

  • If you can't contact him on the contact details,
  • If the question is not related to the goods and services presented on the site,
  • in the case of inappropriate behavior of the Customer during the consultation, namely: inciting ethnic conflicts, insulting the consultant and the owner of the site, repeated (more than twice) deviation from consultation, advertising of any kind, obscene statements, dissemination of information that are deliberately false.


4. The term of the offer and the order of the refund.
4.1. This Offer takes effect from the moment it is published on the Internet and is valid until the time of the recall/change of the Offer by the Artist.
4.2. Refunds are possible before the start of services and within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of the start of the service in accordance with the terms specified in the Payment Account. The customer is obliged to notify the Executor in writing about the refusal to receive the services.
4.3. After the expiration of the term specified in the n. 4.2., or in the absence of a written statement of refusal to receive services, the money is not returned.

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