About us

We offer wide range of services in IT area. All you need to develop your business from computers maintanence to automation .

Our advantages — competence, speed of work and low prices. We offer for our customers all conteporary software products and solutions and server and other network equipment  well-known manufactures.

Main aims of our company:

  • Maintaning the smooth operation customers information systems;
  • Earlier detection and problem resolving;
  • Save critical and important infomation;
  • Effective work with maxumal using of servers and other equpment resources

The company employs high-level professionals who are sincerely passionate about their work. The result-oriented leadership style involves employees in jointly solving important issues regarding work processes and the work of the company as a whole. Such methodologies as Agile and Scrum are actively used. Comfortable working conditions in the company (equipped kitchen, relaxation zone, sports and entertainment and gaming corner VR) and regular corporate events maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere in the team, which has a positive effect on team performance and results.