Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Because Admi IT LLC is an international company, your personal information may be shared with other entities or subsidiaries of Admi IT LLC around the world. All of them are bound by appropriate confidentiality and data transfer agreements. In addition, they are all guided by this Privacy Statement.

What information do we collect

In the text of this Statement, we refer to the personal information identifying you as "Personal Information." Admi IT LLC collects your Personal Information to allow us to respond to your requests, such as process your orders, and add you to your email lists.
Personal information is any information that allows you to identify as an individual, such as your first and last name; A mailing address or email address phone number, profession or personal interests. If you provide us with personal information about someone else, such as a co-worker, you should have their permission to do so.
In many cases, you can browse the website anonymously. When you visit website, we write down your IP address (your computer's address on the Internet) to get an idea of what parts of the site you visit and how much time you spend there. We do not link your IP address to any Personal Information unless you have registered with us and logged into the site using personal settings (profile).
To access individual web pages, services, admin IT products, you need to enter a username (login) and password. You are responsible for keeping your username and password secret.
You may decide to provide us with Personal Information in a number of situations, including when you

  • register with Admi IT LLC to open an account on the websites of Admi IT LLC
  • use certain products or services of Admi IT LLC
  • participate in our online surveys
  • Ask to be included in the newsletter (by email or otherwise)
  • provide your personal information to Admi IT LLC for any other reason.

Periodically, Admi IT LLC receives personal information from its business partners. Admi IT LLC only uses such information if it has been collected in accordance with the privacy rules compatible with this Statement.

Your choice and control

We always warn you before you start collecting Personal Information and notify you of the purpose of collecting. We will request your consent before using your information or passing it on to third parties for any purpose other than the reasons you provided it. In order for you to let us know about your preferences, we will ask you to take a certain action, such as choosing the appropriate option to indicate your consent.

How we use your Personal Information

Admi IT LLC uses your Personal Information to respond to your requests, and we may need to share your information with others. In this case, we only pass on the information necessary to process your request and oblige third parties to limit the use of your Personal Information to the execution of your request. In addition, with your permission, we may use your Personal Information to contact you when conducting customer surveys about their satisfaction or for market research purposes.
We will use your Personal Information to provide the products and services you have requested, to respond to call back requests, and to provide certain marketing materials at your request. We may need to share your information with third parties that include our business partners (e.g. as part of a joint advertising company or to target potential buyers to one of our partners); Service providers Carriers postal agencies and government agencies (such as customs authorities).
By omitting or deleting information (such as your last name) that allows you to identify information with you personally, we may also use your personal information to create records of anonymous data or datasets, conduct statistical research, or for other purposes. We will also disclose your personal information, if required by law, to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use or, as a matter of urgency, to protect personal safety, the public or our websites.

Allowing your access, updating or decontaminating your information

If you choose to deactivate your account, we will retain some of your Personal Information in our files to prevent fraud, resolve disputes, fix faults, enforce our terms of use, comply with your opt-out preferences, and comply with legal requirements.

How we protect your information

To ensure the security of the data you send us, Admi IT LLC uses industry-standard physical, electronic, and management procedures. At Admi IT, the data is stored on controlled servers with limited access. Your information can be stored and processed in Estonia or any other country where Admi IT LLC, its subsidiaries or agents are located.
Although we do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure the security of the information you transmit to us through an unprotected Internet connection. Therefore, we encourage you to take every precaution to protect your personal information during your time on the Internet.
Ways to protect your personal data include frequently changing passwords, using a combination of letters and numbers in passwords, and you also need to make sure you're using a strong browser. In addition, take note of the existence of phishing attacks – attacks made in an attempt to seize personal data and details of consumer financial accounts. Scammers use "disguised" e-mail messages to take consumers to fake sites specifically designed to lure vulnerable personal information, such as credit card numbers, account usernames, passwords and social security numbers, to users. Admi IT will never send you an email asking you to provide or confirm Vulnerable Personal Information. If you receive such a message, send it to us immediately and remove it from your computer right now.

Third party sites

The website contains references to third party websites, including a joint brand using the Admi IT logo. However, these websites are not managed or supported by Admi IT LLC, and Admi IT LLC does not provide your personal information to such websites and is not responsible for their approach to privacy. You use third party websites at your own risk.
Although we carefully select our business partners, Admi IT LLC may not be responsible for the privacy policies applied on third-party-managed websites that can be accessed from our website. Once you have left our website, you should take the rule to review the privacy statement applicable to the third person's website in order to determine how third parties will use the information you receive.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Admi IT LLC may make periodic and any changes to this Privacy Statement at any time. Further use of the website after any such change will mean and confirm that you do not object to this change.

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